AG Engineering

AG Engineering

AG Engineering was formed in 1987 and design and produce robust, trouble free equipment which can save time, labour and money for the end user, from a small dairy farmer with under 50 cows up to a large poultry producer with millions of birds.

Their award winning products are designed by farmers, for farmers and their range consists of:

  • AG Dispensers: Produces clean, dry cubicle beds and up to 160 cubicles can be bedded in 5-6 minutes. It will spread most materials including sawdust, shavings, sand, chopped straw, paper and lime and can be used on a tractor or handler, spreading from either side.
  • AG Big D: Upwards of 300 cubicles can be bedded with one hopper requiring less than 20 minutes and can be adapted for front or rear discharge. It spreads sand and most dense bedding products, reducing time and increasing efficiency.
  • AG FS200: This product is specifically designed for bedding poultry/broiler houses and is suitable for use on a wide range of bobcats and loaders. It has a full spreading arc of 30-40 feet and 25,000ft2 can be covered in 15 to 20 minutes. It works well with materials such as shavings, rice husks and other pre-chopped bedding materials.
  • AG 175Xtra: This machine enables milk producers to bed cubicles regularly with speed and ease, minimum dust and economical use of materials such as dry/wet sand, sawdust, woodchip, paper, gypsum and ash and even comes with a 3-year warranty
  • AG Maxi: The Maxi is a battery operated wheeled dispenser and is ideal for spreading sawdust on cubicles, as well as spreading other disinfectant materials. It has a capacity of 2-3 25kg bags and spreads 3-4 feet from high speed conveyor. The battery is fully re-chargeable.
  • AG Mini: The Mini is a battery operated wheel dispenser and gives around two hours of continuous use. It will bed up to 160 cubicles on one fill and spreads over a distance of 2-3 feet. It is suitable for hydrated lime, plus many other disinfectant materials and the battery is fully re-chargeable, taking no more than six hours.
  • AG Easiscrape: This dual direction yard scraper is twin bladed and uses hard wearing, high impact strength rubber giving perfect scraping in both forward and reverse. It is fully galvanised and comes in 6ft, 6ft 6” and 7ft 2” widths.
  • AG Spring Tine Harrow: This harrow is a robust, high-performance, time saving implement and tears out moss and dead grass to generate new growth in the pasture/seed bed and also breaks up soil, muck and slurry after spreading, mole hills and ruts and removes weeds from cereal seed beds. There are four models offering 2mtr, 3mtr, 5mtr and 6mtr working widths.

For further information on the AG range of farm machinery call our sales team on 01248 470174 or visit the AG website.

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