BVL feeding and bedding dates back to 1860 when Gerhard van Lengerich established the company as a blacksmith’s and cartwright’s shop.  Since then they have moved to their current product site in Emsburen where they manufacture a wide range of feeding equipment and are among the leading manufacturers of these products.  Their products include:

Feeding Equipment: This impressive line-up includes;
•    V-MIX External Loader – With 4 models in the range (V-Mix 3.5-5 Agilo, V-Mix Plus 6.5-18, V-Mix Plus Model T and V-mix Plus 13-30 2S) these mixer wagons are available in capacities between 3.5 m3 and 46 m3
•    V-MIX Fill Self Loader – With 2 models in the range (V-Mix Fill Plus L and V-Mix Fill Plus LS), these mixer wagons come with an integrated loading unit and additional cutting unit in either single or two-auger models.
•    V-MIX Drive Self-Propelled Mixer Wagon – The V-Mix Drive Maximus Plus is a compact self-propelled mixer wagon with a unique profiled roller
•    V-MIX Fix Stationary Mixers – These stationary mixers come with one or two mixing augers.

Unloading Technology:  Perfectly tailored to fit the needs of your business including;
•    V-Load Cutter Silage Block Cutter – With 3 models (V-Load Cutter Topstar, V-Load Cutter Megastar and V-Load Cutter Master) these machines will give you silage of the highest quality and are tailor-made for the requirements and conditions of your operation.
•    V-Load Shear Grabs – With 2 models (V-Load Shear Top and V-Load Shear Mega), these grabs are perfect for removing large amounts of material and still leaving behind smooth silage faces.  They can be used for front or rear installation.
•    V-Load Shovel Grapple Buckets – Offering 2 models (V-Load Shovel Top and V-Load Shovel Mega) these are suitable for a range of everyday applications due to their powerful performance and compact design!

Bedding Technology:  Perfect for spreading different materials and include;
•    V-Comfort Bedding Implement – Offering bedding technology that is ideal for the care of high bed and/or deep bed cubicles and is suitable both as a front attachment to a loader and for 3-point linkage.
•    V-Comfort Turbo Straw Blower – This high performance bedding machine is suitable for a wide range of materials and offers a throw distance up to 20mtrs. It can also be combined with nearly all V-Mix models too and can be installed at the front or the rear of these machines.

Biogas Equipment:  Feeding technology suitable for Biogas systems including:
•    V-Bio Solids Dispenser – With 3 models (V-Bio 8-18, V-Bio 25-35 2S and V-Bio 38-38 3S) these machines will reliably spread all types of material thanks to a multitude of mixing augers suitable for handling a large variety of bedding materials.
•    V-Bio Combi – With 2 models (V-Bio Combi and V-Bio Combi 2D) the combination of push-off container and vertical solids dispenser allows you to reliably feed 40m3 to 100m3 of solids.
System Technology:  Extract more from your feed;
•    V-Connect Dairy Feeder – The DairyFeeder will ease your workload and increase feeding efficiency and is suitable for installation on any mixer wagon.

For further information on the BVL range of farm machinery call our sales team on 01248 470174 or visit the BVL website.

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