McCormick X5 Series Tractor Upgraded


The McCormick X5 Series Tractor has been upgraded and sports a new cab design giving improved all-round visibility, greater interior room, more convenient controls and space for a ‘training’ seat is the major feature of an upgrade package for 85hp to 113hp tractors in the McCormick range.

The four-model X5 Series has taken over from the X50 line-up introduced in 2013; but the X50M with the original cab has been added to the range in Britain for operators who want a simpler tractor at an especially keen price.

Beneath the cab and ‘family-look’ hood styling, the X5 has 21% more oil flow – up from 52-litre/min to 63-litre/min, plus 30-litre/min dedicated to steering. There is also a near-18% increase in fuel tank capacity giving more work time between fill-ups for increased productivity.

Engine performance and emissions control technology are unchanged on the Tier 4i compliant Perkins 854E engine, which brought increased torque and typically 8% improved fuel economy when introduced with the X50.

The cab is the McCormick X5 tractor’s most attractive new feature – it has a larger glass area with a narrow header rail creating a deep windscreen for maximum forwards visibility and full-size doors making it easy to get in and out, with no ‘B’ pillars to interrupt the view to either side.

The new control layout keeps the main gear lever, loader/front linkage joystick and related controls within easy reach, with the hydraulic spool valve levers now angled towards the driver so they can be used with a more natural push-pull movement of the operator’s arm.

For more information on the McCormick X5 series tractor please contact our sales department on 01248 470174 or visit the McCormick X5 Tractor website.

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