Kawasaki Mule Goes ‘Pro’


The utility vehicle of choice for many professionals such as farmers, gamekeepers and groundscare experts.  The two machines at the top of the Kawasaki MULE series will carry the new name Kawasaki Mule PRO for 2016.

With a powerful 993 cm3 liquid-cooled, 4 stroke In-line 3 cylinder diesel engine, the Kawasaki Mule Pro-DX is an ideal choice for farm, groundscare, municipal and many other applications where this kind of vehice is required.

With many features including electrically selectable 4WD and rear differential lock, gas-assisted tilting cargo bed and the largest cargo bed in its class, the Mule Pro-DX comes in striking Timberland Green colour and has a dual range (high/low) CVT with reverse transmission.

We have one of these in stock at the moment so you are welcome to come over and take a look.  It is available for sale and if you require more information on the Kawasaki Mule Pro-DX Utility vehicle please contact our sales department on 01248 470174 or visit the Kawasaki website to get the detailed specification.


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