Welcome to our latest new sales franchise Marshall Trailers.

We are pleased to announce our latest new sales franchise Marshall trailers.

For over 70 years, Marshall have been manufacturing a range of quality and durable farm trailers from their factory in Aberdeen giving farmers up and down the UK, the ability to carry out many tasks on and around the farm in complete confidence.

Included in the range are:

Marshall Silage/Grain Trailers

A wide range of trailers suitable for silage and grain from 6.5 tons up to 18.5 tons packed full of features such as springs or split oscillating suspension, LED lights, adjustable drawbars, single and tandem axles, chrome tipping rams, front inspection ladder and a range of options including commercial axles with ABS and air brakes, roll over covers, oil load sensing and much more. Model availability is:

  • QM6 – 6.5 tons
  • QM8 – 8.5 tons
  • QM11 – 11 tons
  • QM12 – 12 tons
  • QM-1200 – 12 tons
  • QM14 – 14.5 tons
  • QM1400 – 14.5 tons
  • QM16 – 16.5 tons
  • QM1600 – 16.5 tons
  • QM1800 – 18.5 tons


PGF Agri Marshall Trailers QM Silage Grain Trailers


Marshall Drop Side Trailers

Available from 1.5 tons to 10.5 tons, these drop side trailers come in single and twin axle configurations and have features throughout the range such as a fixed headboard, hydraulic brakes, LED lights, fully braced hinge points and options including commercial axles with ABS, oil load sensing, mesh sides, rear ramps and adjustable spring drawbar. Model availability is:

  • S1 – 1.5 tons
  • S2 – 2 tons
  • S4 – 4 tons
  • S5 – 5 tons
  • S6 – 6.5 tons
  • S85 – 8.5 tons
  • S10- 10.5 tons


PGF Agri Marshall Trailers Drop Side Trailers


Marshall Flat/Bale Trailers

For the easy transport of bales, the range of Marshall flat/bale trailers are ideal and come with capacities from 10 tons to 16 tons. Features throughout the range include Durabar non-slip floor, rigid 21″ fixed headboard, rope hooks and ratchet strap points, galvanised harvest ladders and adjustable rear ladder, twin or tandem axles, spring drawbar and options including LED tail lights, LED beacon, commercial axles with ABS, oil load sensing, hydraulic side walkway, rear tool box and air/oil brakes with load sensing. Model availability is:

  • BC21 – 21ft x 8ft (10 tons)
  • BC25 – 25ft x 8ft (10 tons)
  • BC25 – 25ft x 8ft 4″ (12 tons)
  • BC28 – 28ft x 8ft 4″ (14 tons)
  • BC32 TAN – 32ft x 8ft 4″ (14 tons)
  • BC32 TRI – 32ft x 8ft 4″ (16 tons)
  • BC36 TAN – 36ft x 8ft 4″ (16 tons)
  • BC36 TRI – 36ft x 8ft 4″ (16 tons)


PGF Agri Marshall Trailers Flat Bale Trailers


Marshall Dumper Trailers

Available in capacities of 6 tons to 16 tons, these dumper trailers are ideal for shifting rubble, dirt and a wide range of other materials and have features throughout the range that include a 60° tip angle, elevated rear tipping point, fully integrated rear lights, twin two stage ram, oscillating split tandem axle and optional extras including mudguards, hydraulic tail door, commercial axles with ABS and air brakes, rear tow hitch, trailer cover and air/oil brakes with load sensing. Model availability is:

  • HD6 – 6 tons (3.7 cu.mtrs)
  • HD8 – 8 tons (5.4 cu.mtrs)
  • HD12 – 12 tons (8 cu.mtrs)
  • HD14 – 14 tons (8.7 cu.mtrs)
  • HD16 – 16 tons (10.5 cu.mtrs)


PGF Agri Marshall Trailers Dumper Trailers


Marshall Feed Trailers

With two models in the range, these feed trailers have a timber slatted floor, removable drawbar, swinging tail door and 4mm angled steel sides that assists feeding for cattle. Options include Tombstone sides, removable seating and jack screw in lieu of skid. Model availability includes:

  • FT15 – 15 foot long
  • FT20 – 20 foot long


PGF Agri Marshall Trailers Feed Trailers


Marshall Livestock Trailers/Containers

Available from 21 foot long to 32 foot long, these livestock trailers have internal divider doors, fully sheeted solid roof, aluminium ramp (with two helper springs) and each Container has its own floor which eliminates the necessity for the flooring on the host trailer to be in good condition. Optional extras include spring drawbar, front escape hatch, sheep decks, LED tail lights, commercial axles with ABS brakes and air/oil brakes with load sensing. Model availability includes:

  • 21 – 21 ft long
  • 25 – 25 ft long
  • 28 – 28 ft long
  • 32 – 32 ft long


PGF Agri Marshall Trailers Livestock Trailers


Marshall Muck Spreaders

These side discharge muck spreaders come in capacities from 6 cu.yds to 10.5 cu.yds and have a round perfectly balanced main rotor shaft with chains mounted on four sides. a spreader lid with a hydraulic ram, precision steel sprockets (not cast) located to the shafts by a 10 pitch spline and the bottom input shaft is mounted by two bearings and the drive sprocket is positioned between them. Optional extras include LED tail lights, 8″ deep galvanised slurry bib and a choice of tyre sizes. Model availability includes:

  • MS60 – 6 cu.yds
  • MS75 – 7.5 cu.yds
  • MS90 – 9 cu,yds
  • MS105 – 10.5 cu.yds


PGF Agri Marshall Trailers Muck Spreaders


Marshall Rear Discharge Muck Spreaders

Available in three capacities from 9 tons to 14 tons, these rear discharge muck spreaders have no floor chains, 10mm thick step design rear beaters, fully reversible hardened tips, a hydraulic pusher ram, robust purpose built one-piece gearbox and 520mm minimum ground clearance. Optional extras include wide angle shaft, LED tail lights, air brakes, and 23.1 x 26-14 ply tyres. Model availability includes:

  • VES1500 – 9 tons
  • VES2000 – 12 tons
  • VES2500 – 14 tons


Marshall Trailers Rear Discharge Muck Spreaders


Marshall Tankers

The range of Marshall tankers come in capacities from 1220 gallons up to 3500 gallons and come with a quality 8000L Hertel pump, 6″ side valve with interchangeable rear mounting position, fully integrated lights, liquid filled 75mm gauge and 6mm thick steel tank. Optional extras include a variety of wheel and tyre sizes, mudguards wash down hose, swivel hitch, spring drawbar, other pumps sizes and full opening rear door. Model availability includes:

  • ST1200 – 1220 gallons
  • ST1400 – 1400 gallons
  • ST1600 – 1550 gallons
  • ST1800 – 1800 gallons
  • ST2000 – 2150 gallons
  • ST2300 – 2340 gallons
  • ST2550 – 2560 gallons
  • ST3000 – 3000 gallons
  • ST3500 – 3500 gallons


PGF Agri Marshall Trainers Tankers


For more information on our latest new sales franchise Marshall Trailers, please contact us or visit the Marshall Trailers website.

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