Get a free V-Connect Dairy Feeder Go with the purchase of a BVL Mixer Wagon.


The V-Connect Dairy Feeder Go is a feed management app as a standalone solution with numerous functions of a fully featured feed management system in a standard version and is free with any BVL Mixer Wagon*.

  • The system is controlled via the app (iOS & Android) and the V-CONNECT Dairy Feeder Go online portal
  • Automatic real-time data exchange and transmission
  • Monitoring of the entire feeding process
  • Management of groups, feed components and rations
  • Specification of feed rations
  • List of loading schedules
  • Manual documentation of feed quantities and feeding times
  • Upgrade enables connection to a feed mixer wagon in combination with the V-CONNECT Dairy Feeder box for full use of the advantages of the V-CONNECT Dairy Feeder Pro

This user-friendly feed management system lets you manage feed components, animal groups, and loading and unloading programs via app or PC. Feed data is documented and stored in the cloud. Automatic real-time data synchronization is standard.

Documentation improves long-term control of your feeding process and increases loading precision as well as feeding accuracy.

All you need is a smartphone and the app!


BVL Mixer Wagon V-Connect Dairy Feeder Pro App


BVL Mixer Wagon Products


The BVL Mixer Wagon is a feed wagon and consists of a number of models and versions including:

BVL V-Mix External Loaders


The range includes:

  • V-Mix Agilo 3.5 and 5.1S
  • V-Mix Plus 6.5 to 14-1S
  • V-Mix Plus T 6.5 to 12-1S
  • V-Mix Plus 13 to 30-2S
  • V-Mix Plus 25 to 40.3S
  • V-Mix Giant 40 and 46-3S

These trailed feed mixer wagons are equipped to mix tremendous amounts of feed thanks to their remarkable volume utilisation and deliver the feed in the tightest of spaces thanks to their compact design and one, two or three mixing augers. Capacities vary from 3.5m³ to 46m³.


BVL Mixer Wagon V-Mix External Loaders


BVL V-Mix Fill Self Loader


The range includes:

  • V-Mix Fill Plus L 8 to 13-1S
  • V-Mix Fill Plus L 13 to 25-2S
  • V-Mix Fill Plus LS 8 to 13-1S
  • V-Mix Fill Plus LS 13 to 25-2S

The L and LS self-loader models of the V-Mix Fill Plus series feature, respectively, a loading scoop for filling the mixer wagon and an integrated cutting unit. Available as single or two-auger mixers, the L stands for loading and the LS points to the abilities of loading and cutting.

The self-loader V-Mix Fill Plus LS is capable of removing, loading, mixing, and feeding material in a single set of work steps. This ability streamlines the farmer’s workflow tremendously. The cutting unit of the self-loading mixer wagon creates a smooth and flawless cutting surface. The automatic lowering unit allows the machine to complete the cut with greater ease and minimum pressure.


BVL Mixer Wagon V-Mix Fill Self Loader


BVL V-Mix Drive Self-Propelled


The range includes:

  • V-Mix Drive Maximus Plus 1S
  • V-Mix Drive Maximus Plus 2S
  • V-Mix Drive Maximus Giant 2S

These self-loaders are distinguished by a feed removal that is particularly gentle on the structure of the feed. Its gentle removal transforms the feed into an excellent basis for a Total Mixed Ration (TMR) that is of first-rate quality and highly structured. Responsible for this gentle removal is the patented profiled roller, which forms the core of the agile self-propelled V-MIX Drive mixer wagons.

The mixing auger of the self-propelled mixer wagon can be optimally adjusted to various types of feed by adjusting the knives. All hydraulic functions can be variably and independently adjusted. This makes it possible to adjust the self-propelled mixer wagon to the situation in the best possible way and most efficient and at any time during operation and the 100% on-demand differential lock provides for maximum traction when necessary.


BVL Mixer Wagon V-Mix Drive Self-Propelled 


BVL V-Mix Fix Stationary Mixers


The range includes:

  • V-Mix Fix Compact 6.5 and 8 N-1S
  • V-Mix Fix Plus 6.5 to 14-1S
  • V-Mix Fix Plus 13 to 30H-2S

Whether it is used as a feeding system for automatic feeders, as a processing unit for straw pelletisation or other stationary applications – this stationary mixer can be perfectly adapted to the specific requirements and conditions of every barn.

Whether it is fitted in a 1- or 2-auger mixer – the power mixing auger is the centerpiece of the stationary mixer V-MIX Fix. It sets itself apart with the smooth and gentle way it mixes the material loaded into the mixing hopper. This careful mixing process preserves the structure inside the feed to the best possible degree.

Stationary mixers made by BvL can be equipped with a host of different discharge systems. The available options allow you to dispense the feed through a discharge opening on the side using BvL’s patented EDS (Exact Dosing System) or combine the discharge with others systems by means of elevators, e.g. the special feed conveyor.

The stationary feed mixer – set up immediately in front of or inside the barn – can be used to unload green or mixed feed directly onto the 100 m feed conveyor. This feed conveyor will then transport the base feed directly to the animals.


BVL Mixer Wagon V-Mix Fix Stationary Mixers


For further information on the BVL Mixer Wagon range of products, please contact us or visit the BVL Mixer Wagon website.

*Offer available whilst stocks last and can be removed at any time.

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