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At PGF Agri Ltd, we can supply the full range of Case IH tractors, harvesting and AFS (Advanced Farming Systems) products which will enhance the efficiency of any farming operation and increase productivity.

With powerful, yet economical engines and class-leading technology, there’s a Case IH machine that’s perfect for the job in hand.

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Case IH Tractors:


Case IH tractors offer an extensive range of tractors from 55hp to 620hp. Choose from:

Case IH Tractors

  • Steiger & Quadtrac tractor series: 420 to 620 HP with PowerDrive or CVXDrive transmission
  • Magnum AFS Connect tractor series: 310 to 400 HP with PowerDrive or CVXDrive transmission
  • Optum AFS Connect tractor series: 250 to 300 HP with CVXDrive transmission
  • Puma tractor series: Puma 260 CVXDrive tractor (260 HP) and Puma 185-240 series tractor with 7 models from 185 to 240 HP and Puma 140-175 series tractor with 8 models from 140 to 180 HP
  • Maxxum 115-150 tractor series: 13 models from 116 to 150 HP with CVXDrive, ActiveDrive 8 or ActiveDrive 4 transmission
  • Vestrum CVXDrive tractor series: 4 models from 100 to 130 HP
  • Farmall tractor series: Farmall 55-75A with 3 models from 55 to 75 HP, Farmall 55-75C with 3 models from 55 to 75 HP and Farmall 90-100A with 2 models from 90 to 100 HP
  • Luxxum tractor series: 3 models from 100 to 120 HP
  • Quantam V/F tractor: Fruit/Vineyard tractor from 75 to 120 HP
  • Loaders range: The Case IH L front loaders combine power, rigidity, loading performance and modern design to form an innovative loader concept offering 27 models over 3 ranges.

Further detailed information on the Case IH Tractor range can be found on the Case IH website.


Case IH Combine Harvesters:


The high performance Axial Flow range of combine harvesters consists of an impressive 6 models with a wide choice of headers to suit all types of climates and crop types and allow farmers to perform with speed and efficiency for a successful harvest.

Choose from:Case IH Combine Harvesters

  • Axial-Flow 250 Series Combine: Consisting of 3 powerful and innovative models from 498 to 634 HP. The 250 series are built for the challenges associated with high-yielding crops, climate change and the need to become ever more efficient, With the latest features including AFS Harvest Command™ automated harvesting technology, the 250 Series meets the demands of large modern farms and contracting businesses: high-speed harvesting, increased threshing capability even under the most challenging conditions, and delivery of unbeatable grain quality. Feeder, rotor, grain tank, unloading system and automatic adjustments are designed to handle large grain throughput and ease your harvest.
  • Axial-Flow 150 Series Combine: Consisting of 3 models from 312 to 460 HP, the 150 series combines are the perfect combination of simplicity, productivity and reliability. Equipped with the legendary single-rotor technology and combined with the Cross Flow™ cleaning system, the 5150, 6150 and 7150 models deliver high output, minimum loss and low set-up times to perfectly suit your operation’s needs.
  • Combine Headers: With 5 different types of header available to harvest any type of crop. Choose from Corn headers (6-16 rows), Grain headers (4.9mtr to 12.5mtr), Pick-up headers (4.45mtr to 5.36mtr), Flex headers (6.1mtr to 10.68mtr) and Draper headers (7.63mtr to 13.72mtr).

Further detailed information on the Case IH Harvesting range can be found on the Case IH website.


Case IH Balers:


With a choice of fixed and variable chamber round balers in the range, plus a range of large square balers, these offer high capacity baling with high speed performance. Choose from:

Case IH Balers

  • Large Balers LB436 HD Series: 4 models with bale dimensions 80×70 to 120x90cm. Make the most of baling windows and build better, high-density bales with the Case IH LB436 HD large square baler. Available in two models, Rotor Cutter or Packer Feeder version, the ambitious goal was 22% greater bale density while maintaining throughput as compared to standard conventional balers.
  • Large Balers LB4 XL Series: 2 models with bale dimensions 80×70 to 120x90cm. New generation LB balers feature revisions and refinements throughout, to create machines even more productive than their predecessors. Additionally, the range now includes two new models, the LB424 XL and the LB434 XL. You’re guaranteed a rugged, robust and reliable baler whichever model you choose. Each one is designed to make your baling more productive, more profitable and more of a pleasure.
  • Large Balers LB4 XLD Series: 2 models with bale dimensions 120x70cm. The LB4 XLD series has extra durable components which are designed to produce extra dense bales. This is the perfect baler for those who want to maximise straw compaction while optimising logistic costs.
  • Round Balers RB 456/466 HD PRO Series Variable Chamber: 2 models with bale dimensions up to 165 or 190cm. Built with durable components and a heavy-duty design in mind, the new RB6 HD Pro series is a high-performance baler for exceptionally high densities under all circumstances. Choosing from three different kind of rotors (RotorFeeder or RotorCutter with 13 or 25 knives), bales can be set-up to have a diameter of between 0.9 and 1.9m.
  • Round Balers RB 455/465 Series Variable Chamber: 6 models with bale dimensions from 90-150cm or 90-180cm. Quick baling at high and consistent density is an important requirement in order to collect valuable crop during the narrow window of opportunity and preserve its quality. This is what Case IH variable balers are all about!
  • Round Balers RB 545 Series Fixed Chamber: 2 models with bale dimensions of 122-125cm. The RB545 and RB545 Silage Pack round balers from Case IH are designed to make baling faster, easier and simpler, all while producing higher-quality results.
  • Round Balers RB344 Series Fixed Chamber: 2 models with bale dimensions 120x125cm. The Case IH RB3 series comes with a straightforward conception: an economical solution for self-mechanised farmers searching for a reliable baler which is comfortable in all types of crops. Available in two versions, rotor cutter or rotor feeder, they are both equipped with a 2.0 m pick-up for a fast and efficient baling.

Further detailed information on the Case IH Baler range can be found on the Case IH website.


Case IH Telescopic Loaders:


Case IH provide an impressive line up of 6 types of telescopic handlers in their Farmlift range which feature a maximum reach from of up to 9.1mtrs and lift capacities from 2,500kg to 4,200kg. Choose from:

Case IH Telescopic Handlers

  • Farmlift 526 Telescopic Handler: Maximum lift height – 5.70 metres
  • Farmlift 633 Telescopic Handler: Maximum lift height – 6.10 metres
  • Farmlift 636 Telescopic Handler: Maximum lift height – 6.10 metres
  • Farmlift 737 Telescopic Handler: Maximum lift height – 7.00 metres
  • Farmlift 742 Telescopic Handler: Maximum lift height – 7.00 metres
  • Farmlift 935 Telescopic Handler: Maximum lift height – 9.10 metres

The Farmlift range of telescopic handlers are suitable for the varied needs of today’s modern farmer and offer superior operating comfort and short loading times and with lift capacities from 2,500kg to 4,200kg, the Farmlift offers ruggedness, reliability, power, speed and agility.

Engine outputs range from 74hp to 129hp (146hp maximum power), all models powerful engines that meet the EURO Stage IV emissions standard.

Further detailed information on the Case IH Farmlift Telehandler range can be found on the Case IH website.


AFS (Advanced Farming Systems):


Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS™) have been at the forefront of precision farming for more than a decade, giving farmers the ability to control the entire crop production cycle. Case IH AFS™ tools include everything you need to achieve repeatable accuracy down to 2.5cm, reduce overlaps and cut input costs — and maximize your yield potential.

AFS Connect™ lets you remotely monitor and manage your farm, fleet and data, allowing you to optimise your performance, productivity and flexibility. Efficiently visualise your equipment with little to no idle time. With all the information at your fingertips, you can successfully manage your operations anytime, anywhere!

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems

Accuracy levels precise to 2.5cm with RTK. Keeping work as parallel as possible means lower fuel costs, reduced inputs of seeds, fertilisers and plant protection products, and a reduction in time needed to get the job done. Just select the level of precision that best suits your needs. Installing a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) antenna on your machine gives you access to our Advanced Farming Systems and thus to steering guidance/auto-steering, telematics, automatic section control, harvest mapping and much more.

A wide range of our colour touchscreen monitors to optimise your workspace according to your needs. From the configurable AFS Pro 1200, to the interactive AFS Pro 700 and the retrofit solutions, you have the choice to enhance your comfort and efficiency.

Integrating guidance systems into Case IH tractors and Axial-Flow combines right from the start ensures extensive factory testing and quality control. Factory-installed AFS autoguidance systems offer unsurpassed reliability and convenience, providing a year-to-year and pass-to-pass accuracy which is as tight as plus or minus 2.5 cm. Guidance solutions from Case IH such as AFS ElectriSteer, AFS AccuGuide™ and AFS RowGuide™ can be tailored to your needs and markedly increase accuracy, efficiency and productivity of your operation.

AFS COMPONENTS ENSURE UPTIME & PRODUCTIVITY:  The opportunities and challenges impacting agriculture today and into the next decades mean we’re farming in ways our grandfathers never imagined. Innovative precision farming technologies, like the Case IH AFS 372 GNSS receiver and AG715 Radio, are examples of how Case IH delivers intuitive technology and ensures maximum uptime. Case IH is committed to delivering the technology you need, now and in the future, to improve productivity across your entire operation.

AFS software lets you view, edit, manage, analyze and utilize all your precision farming data collected from your equipment and other sources. Organize and generate layouts, reports, charts and maps – all with a single software program. And control who gets access to what information with AFS Connect built-in administrative levels.

Case IH ISOBUS solutions suit every type of business. A standardised, compatible link between the tractor and the attachment, whatever the brand, controls all your ISOBUS devices using the AFS touchscreen monitor. Just plug it in – all Case IH tractors are wired up on delivery – the necessary technology is factory-fitted.

Further detailed information on the Case IH Advanced Farm System (AFS) can be found on the Case IH website.

For more information on the Case IH range of products, please contact us or call our Sales Team on 01248 470174.


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