New Sales Franchise Weidemann Loaders.


PGF Agri Ltd are pleased to announce they are now main dealers for North Wales for their latest new sales franchise Weidemann Loaders.

From their formation back in 1960, the name Weidemann has always stood for quality, innovative products that have been carefully designed to provide the operator with maximum comfort, whilst maximising efficiency and productivity.

With an impressive line-up of Hoftrac loaders, wheel loaders, tele-wheel loaders and compact telehandlers to choose from, there is no shortage of models in Weidemann Loaders range to ensure you get the right machine for the job in hand.

Hoftrac Loaders:

The Hoftrac (or farm loader as it’s commonly called) offers a lower priced entry loader that is perfect for the many and varied jobs in and around the farm. With ten models in the range to choose from, these loaders have an operating weight from 1630kgs through to 3400kgs and engines from 17.9kW (24hp) through to 36.3kW (50hp).

new sales franchise weidemann loader

Wheel Loader:

The Weidemann Wheel Loader range makes any application its used for even more productive. With an extremely high level of functionality and superior working comfort, there are seven models in the range offering an operating weight from 3270kgs through to 7000kgs and engines from 35.7kW (49hp) through to 55.4kW (75hp).

New sales franchise Weidemann Loaders

Telescopic Wheel Loader:

The Weidemann Telescopic Wheel Loader is ideal for those of you who need more lift height, as these machines have a ‘telescopic arm’ that provide considerably greater lift height and coverage in comparison to normal wheel loaders that have load arms.

With seven models in the range and an operating weight from 3750kgs through to 7200kgs and engines from 35.7kW (49hp) through to 55.4kW (75hp), these Telescopic Wheel Loaders will make light work of any job.

New sales franchise Weidemann Loaders

Compact Telehandler:

The Weidemann range of compact telehandlers are unique in their combination of lift height, width and machine capacity. Providing all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering, there are four models in the range offering operating weights from 2270kgs through to 5225kgs and engines from 19.2kW (26hp) through to 55.4kW (74hp).

New sales frnchise Weidemann Loaders


The full range of Weidemann Loaders and Telehandlers can be fitted with a wide choice of accessories to ensure you have the right tool for every job.

You can choose from a complete range of accessories including Cargo Buckets, Digging Buckets, Multi-Purpose Buckets, Stone Buckets, High-Tip Buckets, Power Grab Buckets, Working Platforms, Pallet Forks, Logging Grabs, Box Rotator, Sweepers, Mulchers, Cutterbars, Mowing equipment, Bale Grabs, Bale Spikes, Bale Forks, Silage and Bale Cutters, Feed Buckets, Snow Ploughs and Gritters and much more.

There are also a wide choice of wheels and tyres to choose from with different profiles to ensure the tyres are perfect for the job required.

For more information on the Weidemann Loaders range, contact our sales team or visit the Weidemann website.

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