BVL Vertical Mixers celebrate 40 years from 1978 to 2018.


BVL Vertical Mixers celebrate 40 years of manufacturing innovative and world leading Mixers, having been producing these since 1978.

Starting with the ‘Solomix’ back in 1978, right up to the current ‘V-Mix Drive Maximus 2S’, BVL continue to lead the way with Vertical Mixers.

Let’s take a look at the history of the BVL Vertical Mixers and all the models that have been produced.

In 1978 the first BVL Vertical Mixer to be manufactured was the SOLOMIX.

In 1980 BVL manufactured the SOLOMIX 2S.

In 1986 the STARMIX Horizontalmischer was manufactured (Horizontalmischer translates to Horizontal Blender).

In 1989 the STARMIX DUO Horizontalmischer was manufactured.

In 1992 the TOPMIX Horizontalmischer was manufactured.

The V-MIX 1S came next in 1997.

In 1998 came the V-MIX L/LS 1S.

In 2000 the V-MIX 2S was manufactured.

In 2003 came the V-MIX + Strohgebläse (Strohgebläse translates to Straw Blower), the V-MIX 3S and the V-BIO.

In 2008 BVL manufactured the V-MIX Drive Maximus Giant 2S.

The V-DAIRY Feeder was introduced in 2012 along with the V-MIX Fix, and the V-MIX Drive Maximus Plus 1S.

The V-MIX Hybrid mit Futterband (which translates to Hybrid with Feeding Strap) was manufactured in 2016 alongside the V-MIX + V_COMFORT Turbo.

Finally the V-MIX Drive Maximus Plus 2S was manufactured in 2017.

Here at PGF Agri Ltd, we are proud to be main dealers for North Wales and can offer the full range of BVL Vertical Mixers.

Ffor any further information on the range of BVL Vertical Mixers, contact our sales department or visit the BVL website.

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