PGF Agri now sell the range of Kymco ATV’s


PGF Agri are pleased to announce that they now sell Kymco ATV’s and are main dealers for these in North Wales.

Founded in 1964, Kymco originally started out with technology transfer from Honda, Japan. In 1992, KYMCO began selling products developed independently from Honda and marketed under KYMCO brand.

In 2003, after 28 years of close collaboration with Honda, KYMCO acquired back Honda’s business interest in KYMCO and started focusing on developing and marketing KYMCO’s own brand globally.

Included in the Kymco ATV’s range are:


Kymco Mongoose 90 ATV

Designed for youth riders, this ATV has a 89.9cc four-stroke engine offering reliable power. There is also a CVT automatic transmission with forward, neutral and reverse a single A-Arm front suspension and swing arm rear suspension for stability and comfort. With an 18.4cm ground clearance it is also packed full of safety features including:

  • Throttle stop
  • Ignition cut-off lanyard
  • Keyed electric start

It is also available in two striking colours – red or blue.


PGF Agri Kymco Mongoose 90 ATV


Kymco MXU 150 ATV

This affordable quad bike has an efficient 11hp four-stroke engine and a CVT automatic transmission for smooth gear changes.

It is also comes fitted with carrying racks and a trailer hitch, so there’s plenty of room for extra equipment.

The perfect sized model for the average height and weight of a young rider, it comes in green and is 2WD with a seat height of 750mm and a ground clearance of 18.4cm.

  • Ideal for beginner quad bike riders
  • 149cc air-cooled engine
  • Electric/kick start
  • CDI ignition


PGF Agri Kymco MXU 150 ATV


Kymco MXU 300 T3B ATV

This affordable quad bike ideal for novice quad riders or those who want to have fun on a limited budget and is loaded with features that you’d only expect on more expensive machines.

Available in green, dual a-arm independent front suspension and unit-swing rear provides enhanced ground clearance and make for a comfortable ride while the liquid-cooled 19 HP four-stroke engine provides all the power you need.

Whilst front and rear hydraulic disc brakes make stopping reliable. Carry racks make this unit practical on the farm and allows you to carry extra equipment.

  • Liquid-cooled 271cc fuel-injected engine
  • CVT Automatic transmission
  • Electric start
  • CDI ignition
  • 2WD
  • 845mm seat height
  • 254mm ground clearance


PGF Agri Kymco MXU 300 T3B


Kymco MXU 465 ATV

This road legal quad bike is the latest addition to the Kymco ATV range and is packed full of features as standard including a towbar, front and rear cargo racks and hydraulic disc braking.

The automatic transmission has H, L, N and R and electric 2WD / 4WD (Diff-Lock) drive.

A 260mm (10.2″) ground clearance and double A-Arm front and rear suspension (IRS on rear) gives a comfortable and stable ride.

  • 443cc 33hp (24.6kW) SOHC 4-stroke liquid colling fuel injection engine with electric start
  • CDI ignition
  • 843mm seat height
  • 131.5kg towing
  • 34kg front cargo rack
  • 68kg rear cargo rack
  • Available in green


PGF Agri Kymco MXU 465 ATV

Kymco MXU 550i T3B EPS ATV

The powerful, robust and versatile quad bike will tackle any terrain with ease thanks to 45hp liquid-cooled and fuel-injected 501cc engine, CVT transmission and electric 2WD/4WD (Diff-Lock).

The auto transmission has H,L, N, R, P for smooth gear changes, whilst hydraulic disc brakes will swiftly bring you to a halt.

A 260mm ground clearance and double A-Arm front and rear suspension (IRS on rear) adds to the comfort.

  • Electric start
  • 501cc 4-stroke liquid-cooled fuel injected 45hp engine
  • CDI ignition
  • Electronic Power Steering (EPS)
  • Front bumper and indicators
  • Available in green or black red


Kymco MXU 550i T3B EPS


Kymco MXU 700i ABS EPS T3B ATV

This flagship quad bike has it all. Power, performance, looks, comfort and versatility.

There’s the linked braking system, an anti-theft steering lock, more ground clearance, increased towing capacity, extra fuel capacity and more suspension travel. There’s also a USB charging port!

Ground clearance is an impressive 260mm thanks to the Bighorn 26-inch tyres with 14-inch alloys and the electronic power steering (EPS) makes driving and turning super easy.

New black paint and graphics finishes the sporty look.

  • 695cc 4-stroke liquid-cooled fuel injected 39hp engine
  • H, L, N, R, P auto transmission
  • Electric start
  • CDI ignition
  • 892mm seat height
  • Electric 2WD/4WD (Diff-Lock)
  • Hydraulic front and rear brake system (CBS)


PGF Agri Kymco MXU 700i ABS EPS T3B ATV


For more information on the range of Kymco ATV’s contact our sales department or visit the Kymco ATV website.


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