PGF Agri now sell the range of Klou Hydraulic Attachments.


PGF Agri are pleased to announce that they now sell Klou Hydraulic Attachments and are main dealers for these in North Wales.

Established in 1999, Klou manufacturer a quality range of landscape and forestry equipment, and their hydraulic attachments are manufactured at its production facility in Dorset, UK.

Included in the Klou hydraulic attachment range are:


Klou Log Grabs

With three models, KLG1-MC, KLG1-M and KLG2-M, these professional quality log grabs are constructed for use with min skid steers and mini articulated loaders and are ideal for:

  • Handling of large logs
  • Loading of brush into woodchippers
  • Handling of posts, telegraph poles and stakes

The KLG2-M can handle a maximum log diameter of 950mm, whilst the KLG1-M and KLG1-MC can handle a maximum log diameter of 750mm.


PGF Agri Klou Log Grabs


Klou Stump Grinders

With two models in the range, KSG1-EX and KSG2-EX, these high-performance stump grinding attachments will ensure that stumps are removed rapidly and effectively, thanks to highly efficient direct-drive axial-piston hydraulic motors.

The KSG1-EX has a cutter wheel diameter (including teeth) of 415mm and the KSG2-EX has a cutter wheel diameter (including teeth) of 489mm.

The reach of the carrier machine can be used to access stumps that are difficult or impossible to get close to – some common locations include:

  • Steep embankments – such as beside roads/railways
  • In flower-beds/ornamental borders
  • Behind fences


PGF Agri Klou Stump Grinders


Klou Cone Splitters

With two models in the range, KCS500 and KCS800, the Klou cone splitters are built for heavy-duty tasks and can be used for:

  • Breaking up logs that are too big to fit into woodchippers
  • Splitting large-diameter lengths of firewood to allow them to fit wood processors
  • Reducing large pieces of waste wood such as stumps, permitting easier handling
  • General firewood splitting work

The KCS500 has a cone diameter of 195mm (widest part) and overall cone height of 340mm, whilst the KCS800 has a cone diameter of 215mm (widest part) and overall cone height of 365mm.

The cone tip is hardened to minimise wear under heavy usage, and can be replaced if required, without replacing the whole cone and the aggressive cone taper angle and sharp, deep thread ensures that the cone rapidly splits the workpiece, without slipping.


PGF Agri Klou Cone Splitters


Klou Post Drivers

The Klou KPD1 vibrating post driver is built to drive posts in the most demanding ground conditions and can install posts rapidly, while minimising stresses caused to the post.

The KPD1 is particularly useful when working in conditions where access to the working area is limited, due to the long reach capabilities that it provides and can be used for the installation of:

  • Bank stabilisation systems in rivers
  • Vineyard stakes
  • Farm fencing
  • Post-and-rail fencing
  • Wooden, plastic and steel shoring systems
  • Jetty support posts

As the KPD1 has no exposed moving parts, the risk of a post shattering is negligible and it makes it incredibly safe to operate.


PGF Agri Klou Post Drivers


Klou Swing-Arm Stump Grinder

The Klou SG1SW swing-arm stump grinder is a high-performance stump grinding attachment, that has been specifically developed for use with loader-type carrier machines.

The cutting head is mounted on a swing-arm, mimicking the action of a conventional dedicated stump grinder, whilst an offset arm offers unparalleled operator visibility.

The drive system has been optimised to put all available hydraulic power to good use, ensuring rapid removal of even the most stubborn stumps.

The SG1SW has a cutter wheel diameter (including teeth) of 489mm and a maximum sweep width of 820mm.


PGF Agri Klou Swing-Arm Stump Grinder


For more information on the range of Klou Hydraulic Attachments, please contact us or visit the Klou UK website.

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