Welcome to our latest new sales franchise Herbst Trailers.

We are pleased to announce our latest new sales franchise Herbst trailers.

Formed back in 1983 in Omagh, County Tyrone, Herbst manufacture a wide range of products including low loaders, dump trailers, dump loaders, drop-side trailers, gravel trailers, bale trailers, livestock trailers and slurry tankers.

Famed for strength, durability and the highest quality materials, all Herbst products are designed to give many years of use.

Choose from:

  • Herbst Low Loaders

Consisting of 7 models including Mini Low Loader, 16T Gross Low Loader, 19T Gross Low Loader, 27T Gross Low Loader, 33T Low Loader, Beavertail Low Loader and Drop Bed Low Loader

  • Herbst Dump Trailers

Consisting of 5 models including 8/10/12T Dump Trailers, 14T Dump Trailer, 14T Rock Trailer, 16T Dump Trailer and 18/20T Dump Trailer

  • Herbst Screeners

Consisting of the Herbst Compac TS52 Screen and Herbst Compac S52 Tracked Screen

  • Herbst Crushers

Consisting of 5 models including Compac 700 Agri Crusher – AG700, Compac 900 Agri Crusher AG900, HAC700 Crusher, HAC900 Crusher and C900 Tracked Crusher

  • Herbst Dump Loaders

Consisting of 3 models including Mini Dump Loader, 10T Std Dump Loader and 12/14/16T Dump Loader

  • Herbst Bale Trailers

Consisting of 3 models including Mini Bale Trailer, 12T Bale Trailer and 19T Bale Trailer

  • Herbst Stone Carts

Consisting of one model

  • Herbst Drop Side Trailers

Consisting of 3 models being 8T Drop Side Trailer, 10T Drop Side Trailer and 10T Drop Side Trailer (Plant Version)


Herbst Trailer


For more information on the Herbst range of trailers, contact us or visit the Herbst website.


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